Jill Ball, over at the blog Geniaus, has a great set up as far as keeping track of what she has learned, what webinars or conferences she has attended.  I really like the idea, and I hope she doesn't mind if I borrow it.  You can read more about her log here.  I am inspired to keep a better record of all that I learn....which is daily.

So, I have added a tab at the top for my "Learning Log" and will be adding items to it shortly.  I have a bunch of webinars I have watched (with notes on my laptop), as well as Youtube videos, books I am working my way through, as well as other learning items (handouts, blog posts etc).  When available I will provide a link to the source, so that if you are interested in checking it out too, you will be able to.

Yeah for self education!!!

04/23/2013 5:04pm

That's an excellent idea, I may 'borrow' it myself! Thank you for sharing.

Stephanie Nichols Bateman
04/23/2013 8:55pm

My pleasure Caroline!


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